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  INTERNATIONAL RELOCATION We help families and businesses move overseas. This includes shipping of furniture, household applia..


HOW WE SHIP We employ a network of trucking companies, warehouses and vessel operators to deliver the complete international shipping solution...


CARGO WE SHIP Shipping from USA offers wide range of overseas transport services. Our specialty rests in moving all types of vehicles and heavy m..


SHIP CARS FROM USA TO OVERSEAS Shipping from USA offers car international transport services from USA to all ports and countries overseas via roll-on..

Top 5 Trends Driving the Shipping & Logistics Industry

Key Points The Shipping and Logistics (S&L) industry is transitioning from being an efficient delivery system to becoming a piv..

Maximization of container slot booking profits for carriers in the liner shipping industry

Abstract In the liner shipping industry, if a shipper wants to transport its cargo by container ships, it first needs to contact a carrier to..

The Shipping Industry Finds an Unusual Survival Tactic in Outsourcing

Key Points Economic uncertainty, over-supply, a slump in demand and drying up of funding from financial institutions are pushing ship..

Reducing maritime accidents in ships by tackling human error: a bibliometric review and research agenda

Abstract Over the past decade the number of maritime transportation accidents has fallen. However, as shipping vessels continue to increase i..

Review of studies of blockchain technology effects on the shipping industry

Abstract Decision-making is a prolific research area in the internet era, which has propelled globalization and the virtual elimination of ma..

Revisiting port sustainability as a foundation for the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)

Abstract Port sustainability studies are increasing rapidly and are skewed toward environmental aspects, while at the same time their results..

Transparency in port governance: setting a research agenda

Abstract This study examines the concept of transparency as practiced (or not) in ports. It explores the availability of information to the g..

Shipping optimization systems (SOS) for tramp: stochastic cargo soft time windows

Abstract Cargo time windows have been discussed in the shipping literature in several ways and within several contexts. One way considers the..